Oh, hi there!
I'm Ian!
I missed the good old days of the internet when stuff wasn't uniform so I made this. As much as it is a homepage, it is also a laboratory - a place for experimentation, random thoughts, serious discussions and silly ideas. A box full of toys.
And as we all know, we should share our toys - so feel free to play with it, give it life, make it your own - just don't break it for everyone else.
Links and stuff
Uhhhh... Ian?

Kind of a hard question.
I've been writing code and designing for about 20 years now. Doing it professionally for 9. Mostly Android, Kotlin, some backends, some frontends, a language, some desktop apps, some cli tools.
When not at the computer, I tend to paint a lot, write a bit, game a bit, skate a lot. Sometimes I do community work - giving talks, organizing meetups or helping od it.